This is my favourite place on earth! I totally love it. Here are only 10 reason why (there are many many more):

  1. Friendly, open, chatty people
  2. The joy of life
  3. Smell – the blend of sun, ocean, fresh mint and eucalyptus
  4. Pubs and restaurant – lively and often fully booked
  5. Fantastic wines from the Adelaide Hills, Barossa, Clare Valley
  6. Food – specially salt and pepper calamari, Amalfi’s pizza, coffee ice cream from CIBO and cakes from Murrati
  7. Australian brand – Country Road, MARCS, T2, kikki.K
  8. Weather – summer, summer, summer! All I need is white T-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and flip flops from Havaianas (in Warsaw we have winter right now)
  9. Balance – between big city fever, quality of life and wild nature
  10. Wide and deserted beaches*

Ok, I really am addicted to all of this.


*random order